A rattling noise is never a good thing to hear in your Mercedes. While it could be something minor, like a bolt that has wiggled loose, it can also be the sign of something larger, like wear and tear that is causing grinding. The rear suspension of your Mercedes is designed as a system of many components, so when it begins to rattle, it can be a challenge to determine the exact part creating the noise.

The rear suspension system of a Mercedes is made of springs, shock absorbers, and anti-roll bars, all of which take a beating when you’re driving. Let’s take a look at how these parts work together and what could go wrong to make your rear suspension develop rattling noises.

How a Mercedes Rear Suspension Works

Any vehicle’s suspension system is made to absorb bumps and create a more pleasant ride for drivers and passengers. The rear suspension system of a Mercedes uses springs for shock absorption by allowing them to stretch as you go over bumps. When the car dips down, the shocks pump up to maintain your comfort as if you didn’t encounter the bump at all.

Shock absorbers are responsible for taking in kinetic energy that is created when driving on bumpy roads and breaking it up, so it isn’t transferred through the cabin to drivers and passengers. Sometimes, this kinetic energy can be turned into heat, as well.

Anti-roll bars also assist in weight distribution, which lessens the chance your vehicle will completely rollover from a harsh bump. These components kick in when you are going around tight curves, perhaps too quickly.

Causes of Rattling in the Rear Suspension

With so many components to keep synchronized at all times, one is bound to come loose at some point and wreak havoc. When this happens, a rattling noise can develop in your Mercedes suspension. Here are some common causes of this noise:

  • Lack of Lubrication in Components: Lubricant has to be present in your suspension system to let all of your parts move freely. When the lubricant is gone, the metal parts can begin to grind together and cause a rattling noise.
  • Old Ball Joints: Suspension ball joints can generate a rattling sound, especially when you take on corners. As ball joints pivot around to accommodate changes in direction, they can become damaged if the movement isn’t smooth and there isn’t enough lubrication. This can also lead to a rattling noise.
  • Suspension Bushing Damage: Rubber bushings are placed against joints in the suspension system to further help absorb shock and impact. If a bushing is damaged or worn, it keeps the joints from having adequate cushioning. The grinding of these components can sound like rattling.
  • Loose Components: Specifically, a loose rear stabilizer can make quite a racket. This can sound much like rattling to a driver or passenger in the front seat.

Find Help For Your Mercedes at Dieter’s Porsche & BMW Service

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Mercedes Rear Suspension Check

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