Electrical issues can occur at any time in your BMW. In the past, you wouldn’t expect these kinds of problems to affect your vehicle’s performance. Yet, several electrical issues can interfere with your BMW’s performance.

Alternator problems, blown fuses, and battery problems can cause problems with how well your BMW performs. If something seems awry with your BMW, be sure to bring it to our professionals at Dieter’s Porsche & BMW Service. We will diagnose electrical problems in your BMW with modern diagnostic testing that will give us a readout of the type of issue we are looking at. Our trained and experienced technicians will provide you with options so you can decide the best solution for your BMW’s electrical problems to get your performance back where it should be.

How common are electrical issues in BMWs?

When you are experiencing electrical problems with your BMW, you can feel like you are the only one. Yet, many BMW owners have been where you are before. Approximately 20% of all BMW owners will experience electrical issues with their vehicle at some point in time.

While some of these problems are related to functionality, such as door lock malfunction or faulty windshield wipers, others are connected to performance issues. Some of the most common electrical issues that can inhibit your BMW’s performance include:

  • Fuse Issues: Vehicle fuses are so small and hidden away that they are often overlooked. Yet, fuses play a big role in your BMW’s ignition process. Faulty fuses can cause poor acceleration and engine misfires, as well as causing the engine to be louder than normal.
  • Spark Plugs: If you are having trouble starting your BMW or it seems to hesitate when you do start it up, spark plug issues may be to blame. A relatively quick fix, spark plug replacement is cheap and easy.
  • Bad Alternator: Working with your battery, the alternator is a component that can directly affect your BMW’s performance. A bad alternator is characterized by oil leaks, an ALT light illumination on the dash, electric failures, or stalling.

Engine Cooling System Problems

Driving your BMW regularly requires a functioning engine cooling system to keep your motor at a sustainable temperature. There can be many reasons why your vehicle may overheat from issues with the engine cooling system, but a few of them relate directly to electrical problems. Electric-based components that can affect your BMW’s engine cooling system include:

  • Water Pump: Circulates the coolant mixture throughout the engine and maintains appropriate pressure.
  • Thermostat: Used to control coolant temperatures.
  • Radiator: Uses electricity to modify airflow that reduces the coolant temperature.
  • Radiator Fan: Manages engine heating.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the cooling system components, but they are some of the parts that experience common electrical problems that can interfere with your BMW’s performance.

Complete Loss of Electrical Power

In some instances, your BMW may lose power completely. Of course, this is the main concern if it happens while you are driving. To avoid this occurrence, regular service and maintenance are suggested, but sometimes electrical problems are unavoidable. If your BMW never displays a warning light, problems starting, or other noticeable issues, your culprit may be a simple fix, like a blown fuse. Your best bet is to have professionals who are trained in BMW models to take a look at it.

Dieter’s Porsche & BMW Service to Resolve Your BMW’s Electrical System Problems

Electrical problems that affect your BMW’s performance always occur at the most inconvenient times. It’s like an unwritten law that you will experience these issues when you least expect them. Our professionals at Dieter’s Porsche & BMW Service are always ready to tackle the unexpected electrical problems that affect the performance of your BMW.

BMW Fuse Check

Our expert technicians have been serving the Chula Vista, Coronado, Mission Valley, Point Loma, and San Diego, California have extensive experience and training in BMW models and their electrical systems. We use modern diagnostic tools and other innovative procedures to track down the source of your BMW’s electric issues that are responsible for inhibiting its performance.

If you suspect an electrical problem is reducing your BMW’s performance potential or notice obvious signs of an electrical issue, give us a call today at (619) 234-8106. We look forward to earning your business.

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