European Auto Oil Leak Repairs & Maintenance for San Diego Drivers

When you suspect your car has an oil leak, you need trusted and affordable help from the best mechanics in the area. Oil must circulate throughout your engine in order to prevent extreme heat from constantly-moving parts. By utilizing a lubricant, the components in your engine bay will continue to run smoothly, preventing friction heat and damage by metal-on-metal contact. At Dieter’s Porsche & BMW Service we help European auto drivers from all throughout the San Diego with fast, effective oil leak repairs that keep your car running at the level you expect.

Warning Signs of an Oil Leak

The most common indicator of an oil leak is seeing a dark spot or puddle underneath your car where you parked. However, you may have not noticed anything unusual until the low oil indicator illuminated on your dashboard. In that case, you may have an internal leak, which can be problematic. Signs to look for include:

  • Oil light illuminates on dashboard
  • Colored exhaust or excessive exhaust
  • A burning smell as oil drips onto hot metal and is burned away
  • Having to refill your oil reservoir often
  • Dark puddles or drops where you parked overnight

There are many reasons why oil can leak from various places in your engine. This is why it is important to bring your car to mechanics who utilize brand-specific diagnostic tools and have the knowledge to diagnose and repair the problem correctly on the first visit.

The most common reasons for oil leaks include:

  • Worn out seals or valves
  • Leaking engine gasket
  • Loose drain plugs on the oil pan
  • Degraded valve cover gaskets

If you believe your car needs repairs for an oil leak, we have the most modern tools and factory computer diagnostic equipment to accurately fix any issues with your car. We are so certain of our workmanship, we provide a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty on our repairs.

Brands We Service

At Dieter’s Porsche and BMW Service, we specialize in more than just our namesakes. We provide high-quality oil leak repairs & services for all models of:

Our ASE-certified master technicians are highly trained and certified, with decades of experience to offer the best quality of service possible. By focusing on the top European luxury brands, we have honed our knowledge to become experts.

San Diego’s Trusted Garage

Conveniently located in San Diego, CA, Dieter’s Porsche and BMW Service is the trusted shop for all the nearby areas. Our technicians have over 150 years of experience combined. If your car is experiencing any oil leak issues or other problems, please call or visit our shop today to schedule an appointment.

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