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The transmission system in your European model car is an integral part of the comfort that you experience as you drive around. This comfort is probably one of the reasons why you chose your car, only second to performance. But for your vehicle to give you maximum comfort and ride, you’ll need to ensure that the transmission system is well-maintained. To do this, you’ll need the services of the best transmission repair and maintenance shop. If you’re a European model driver in San Diego, Dieter’s is the place for you.

Quality Services for Leading Brands

Dieter’s has vast experience spanning decades in servicing and repairing transmission systems for some of the most popular brands in and around San Diego. Here are the European brands that we specialize in for your service:

We recognize and embrace the unique needs for each of these brands. This is why our team of ASE certified technicians is readily available with the factory-grade tools and equipment to diagnose and repair your car. We also stay abreast of the latest technology to ensure your repairs are done correctly the first time you bring it to our shop.

Signs That You Need Transmission Repairs

Transmission problems happen over time as you drive around, and parts degrade. When these problems start to develop, you are likely to notice some signs and symptoms that will point to a transmission issue. Some of these signs include:

  • Slipping, especially when accelerating
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Hard/whiny shifting
  • Noisy neutral or idling
  • Refusal to shift gears
  • Dragging clutch
  • Grinding when shifting gears
  • Burning smell
  • Humming or buzzing noises

All these signs could be an indicator of a problem with your transmission. This is why you should get your car into our auto-repair shop as soon as you can.

Dieter’s is dedicated to comprehensive transmission servicing and repairs for all European models. Our team of efficient technicians will diagnose your car, find the root cause of the problem, and repair it without exaggerating the issue. We believe in honesty and transparency for our customer’s peace of mind.

We do this to earn the trust of our clients, so you are comfortable returning to us for excellent services. As a bonus, we offer a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty on all our repairs.

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Call Dieter’s today and schedule a visit with us. Located in San Diego, we proudly continue to help European auto owners from all throughout surrounding areas including:

Our technicians are available and ready to help you get back to enjoying the high-performance drives that you love with your European vehicle. We look forward to meeting you.

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