Having a hard time shifting gears in your Land Rover? The problem could be with the gear selector bushing. This issue can make driving a bit difficult and if not sorted out, it may lead to worse situations. Let’s find out how to identify and solve this issue in your Land Rover to make sure you can change gears without any issues.

What is a Gear Selector Bushing?

The bushing in a gear selector links the gear shift lever with the transmission linkage to ensure that the gear changing is done in a very accurate and smooth manner. This bushing serves as a shock absorber to minimize vibrations and protect metal components from wear. When it is worn out, you might have difficulty shifting gears.

Diagnosing the Problem

Visual Inspection

First of all, look for the gear selector bushing. To do this, you will have to find the gear selector linkage. In most Land Rover models, the linkage is located underneath the center console or sometimes under the car. After finding it, look at the bushing and see if there are any indications of wear and tear. Check for any signs of damage such as cracks, chips, or overall wear and tear.

Feel for Play

With your Land Rover turned off and parked in a safe, flat area, move the gear selector lever back and forth. This means moving the gear stick slowly and smoothly without actually changing the gears. If you observe that there is too much play or movement, this may mean that the bushing needs replacement. The gear stick should be firm to the touch and should not have any play; if you experience excessive looseness, it means there’s an issue.

Check for Noise

As described above, shift the gear selector lever and listen for any abnormal sound while shifting the gears. A clunking, rattling, or clicking noise is not something you should be hearing and may indicate a bad bushing. These noises are produced because the worn bushing enables excessive movement of the gear linkage, and this leads to the parts striking or rubbing against each other.

Dealing With Gear Selector Bushing Failure

Locate the Bushing

Before you begin, ensure that your Land Rover is parked on an even and stable ground. Pull the parking brake to ensure that the vehicle does not move. Jack the car and use jack stands to support the car to ensure that it does not roll off when working on it. When you’re done lifting, the next thing is to locate the gear selector bushing which is usually located under the vehicle and connected to the transmission linkage. The way it is positioned might be different for your Land Rover model so you might have to check your car manual for more information.

Take Out Old Bushing And Put A New One

Using a socket wrench, you have to remove the bolts or screws that are used to hold the gear selector linkage. Gently remove the old bushing using a pair of pliers to avoid damaging other parts of the linkage in the process. To facilitate the installation and to help the new bushing operate smoothly, it is recommended to grease the new bushing lightly. Put the new bushing in its proper location and reconnect the gear selector linkage. Re-attach the linkage to the bolts/screws you removed earlier and ensure that all the parts are firmly in place.

Test the Gear Selector

Before lowering the vehicle, it is advised to check the gear selector lever. Shift through all the gears to ensure that it is engaging well without any signs of strain or abnormal sounds. This step confirms that the new bushing has been installed correctly and is working as expected.

Land Rover Gear Selector Bushing Failure Fix

Let A Professional Do The Job

From the above explanation, it may sound easy to fix a faulty gear selector bushing but in reality, you will need expertise and the appropriate tools to complete the task correctly. Here at Dieter’s Porsche & BMW Service, we can assist with changing a worn bushing in a Land Rover gear selector. Our professional staff are capable and equipped to install the system safely and effectively. We have been catering to drivers from San Diego, CA, and the neighboring cities including Chula Vista, Coronado, Mission Valley, and Point Loma, California.

Do not endanger yourself by attempting to fix the problem yourself. Please give us a call at (619) 234-8106 to schedule an appointment and make sure your vehicle gets the attention of an experienced Land Rover technician.

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