Mercedes is synonymous with luxury, high quality, and comfort. One of its unique qualities is how the vehicle easily handles and navigates difficult terrains. One component responsible for this ease of driving is the front-end steering.

The front-end system consists of different components that are tightly connected to ensure the proper functioning of the steering. These components include axial rods, drag linkages, tie rod ends, and several arms. The steering controls the movement of your vehicle by communicating with the wheels. In collaboration with the suspension, the steering absorbs shocks from the road, preventing the shock from being transferred to the driver’s hand.

Symptoms of a Loose Front-end Steering

Having loose front-end steering can cause a lot of problems. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the significance of the steering in navigating vehicles. We usually advise contacting a professional for proper diagnosis and adequate fix at the first sign of loose front-end steering. Here are some symptoms you may notice:

  • Stiff steering wheel: With a loose front-end wheel, your gear may become faulty. This impacts your steering ability and causes the wheel to become stiff. You may need to apply extra force to steer your vehicle.
  • Weird noises: When components of your steering system become damaged, it usually leads to loose front-end steering. You may notice unusual knocking, grinding, and squealing sounds from underneath your Mercedes when this happens. You may also notice strange sounds while turning the steering.
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel: Excessive vibrations in your Mercedes steering wheel may indicate alignment problems. Nevertheless, it could also be a sign of loose front-end steering.
  • Free play: Free play refers to a condition where your steering wheel does not control the wheels of a vehicle. When you turn the steering wheel, the car may remain in the same position. This results from the disconnection between the steering and the car’s wheel caused by damaged or worn-out gear parts. This can be incredibly dangerous.
  • Skidding and drifting: When your Mercedes suffers from faulty tie rods or ball joints, it usually affects the car’s wheels. This loose front-end steering can cause your Mercedes to drift and skid while driving, which is another dangerous indicator of problems that need immediate repair.

Causes of Loose Front-End Steering

The steering system is made of several movable components that become susceptible to wear and tear over time. When this occurs, they begin to lose their functionality, which affects the steering system. The following factors could cause a loose front-end steering:

  • Worn tie rods: The tie rods operate to help pass the driver’s command from the steering to the wheel by connecting the steering box to the steering wheel. They are found at the end of the linkage rod and can be vulnerable to wear. Over time, the natural wear and tear cause the tie rods to become less effective. This could also contribute to other factors, resulting in your Mercedes having a loose front-end steering. When the tie rods wear down, you may encounter unusual noises as you turn the steering wheel.
  • Ball Joints: The functions of the ball joints and tie rods are similar. They both connect the suspension to the wheels. These ball joints are also susceptible to the ravage of time. If they are not properly lubricated, they tend to wear down faster than usual. Some of the symptoms you may notice with worn-out ball joints include uneven tire wear, unusual squeaking and banging noise.

Driving with loose front-end steering makes driving strenuous and can cause fatal accidents. Contacting a Mercedes specialist is the right step to take. You don’t want to entrust your Mercedes to just anyone to avoid causing more damage to your vehicle.

Mercedes Ball Joint Inspection

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