MINI Coopers are an automobile marvel. With a sturdy feel and an almost perfect design, it seems nothing can go wrong, but there is a problem that can plague MINIs, and that is a crank seal oil leak. The crankshaft system here isn’t much different from other cars, but it usually requires more maintenance by MINI experts. Let’s take a deeper dive into understanding the important aspects of the crank seal in a MINI.

The Crank Seal and Shaft

  • Crank Seal: The crank seal helps to prevent the leakage of oil from the engine case when the crankshaft tosses the oil as it rotates. Failure of the crankshaft’s oil seal can lead to a mess and then to serious engine problems.
  • Crank Shaft: This is basically the heart of the internal combustion engine of your Mini. What it does is turn the reciprocating motion generated by the engine’s pistons into a rotary motion to move the wheels. It connects with the piston via a connecting rod. Without a good crankshaft, the vehicle may not be able to move.

Causes of Crankshaft Oil Leaks

Crankshaft seals are usually composed of rubber (polytetrafluoroethylene) and metal, and they are located at the front of the engine, sealing the crankshaft end to the timing cover. These materials can become damaged or corroded.

In your MINI, they will usually perform exceptionally well in an ideal situation, but no road conditions, use, and other factors come into play. These might lead to serious engine problems. The major causes of crankshaft oil seal leaks include:

  • A vehicle that has seen a lot of roads should have the crankshaft seal checked and replaced: For your MINI, check the mileage to see if it has seen more than a hundred thousand miles of road. Regular servicing by professional mechanics can prevent failure in the first place.
  • Oil leaks: This easily shows you that there’s a problem with your crankshaft seal. A dry crankshaft seal will lead to cracks or breaks, invariably causing an oil leak that accumulates under the engine, and a bigger leak will lead to oil dripping from the front of the engine.
  • Weather: When your MINI is exposed to high and low temperatures, the strain in the elastic material of the crank seal will lead to decomposition, thereby requiring an earlier change. There isn’t really much that can be done here except to get a professional to take a look at it.
  • An incorrectly installed seal will lead to leakage and a shortage of oil all around the engine, which can even lead to engine damage due to frictional contact between engine components.
  • Too much oil in the engine: If the engine is overrun with oil, there might not be space for the oil and it will keep leaking out from the seal, causing a lack of oil and then a dry engine.

The problem with servicing a crankshaft seal is its position. Located behind the engine’s main crankshaft pulley, to work on it, you will need to remove the belts, crankshaft pulley, and harmonic balancer. Due to the level of technicality needed to carry out this process, a routine check should always be carried out by a professional auto repair person.

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