Do you ever wonder why it is important for your Volkswagen to undergo factory maintenance? It keeps your vehicle performing optimally and saves you on costs. As a Volkswagen owner, it is essential to provide your vehicle with factory-scheduled maintenance to guarantee that it continues to be reliable and predictable.

There are many types of maintenance required at different mileage intervals. It is important to keep up with these as your car ages. If you maintain your vehicle properly, you will increase its longevity, maintain proper fuel economy, and avoid costly breakdowns, all while increasing the resale value.

Many maintenance procedures fall under the 30K, 60K, and 90K categories. During factory maintenance, your Volkswagen will undergo the following;

  • Oil Change: It is important to change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to keep the engine properly lubricated. We do this during factory maintenance. Oil change ensures better gas mileage, reduces engine wear and build-up, ensures longer engine life and provides engine lubrication.
  • Transmission Service: As with an oil change, transmission service is essential in your car. During this time, the old transmission fluid is flushed out and replaced with new fluid. It also entails examining the sump pump, cleaning the pan, replacing or cleaning the filter, and installing the pan with a new pan gasket. This should not matter whether your car is manual or automatic.
  • Fuel System Services: We remove engine deposits in combustion chambers, ports, valves and intake manifolds. We also ensure precision flow of the fuel injectors, and we clean the entire fuel system. This will prevent deposits from forming in the fuel system and will ensure maximum drivability and fuel economy.
  • For your exterior: We will check windshield condition, wiper wear, and spray nozzles, electrical system, condition of wheels/alloys, and the paint and body condition.
  • For your suspension system: We will check shocks/struts and suspension components, steering and steering linkages.
  • Other areas include tire wear inspection, tire pressure check, brake pad wear, battery condition check, windshield washer fluid level, brake fluid level and condition, coolant reservoir levels, hoses for heating, AC, and refrigerant, air filter inspection, air conditioning and pollen filter check, engine drive belts, exhaust system inspection, and transmission/clutch operation and linkages.

Factory Maintenance Prolongs the Life of the Engine

Following the recommended service for your Volkswagen is important because it is active prevention. For example, changing your oil will keep your engine parts lubricated, cutting down on wear.

It Saves You Money

When one part of your car starts to fail, it will affect other parts of the vehicle. For example, if the fans fail, they will affect the radiator and the thermostat valve. You will prevent a lot of these types of repairs if you take your car for regular maintenance, saving you money in the long run.

Factory Maintenance Adds to Your Safety

Being safe on the road is every driver’s desire. A vehicle that seldom goes for regular maintenance cannot guarantee you this. Checking your brake system will ensure you don’t get surprised by pushing the brake pedal without a response. Worn will inspect your brakes and install new components to prevent you from experiencing degradation. This will keep you safer!

Maintenance Boosts Resale Value

You can sell your car for more money if it is in better condition. Changing brake pads, replacing worn-out tires, and getting the transmission serviced are ways of increasing your car’s resale value. Your car will also perform optimally, save you fuel, and have a high resale value.

Volkswagen Oil Change

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