Are you a driver that cruises our California roads in one the most compact and solid cars on the road? If you own a Mini, then you should be familiar with the fun of driving this car brand. Along with the enjoyment, Mini cars are not immune to faults, and one of the common components in your Mini that can easily deteriorate or become faulty is the spark plugs. Spark plugs are inexpensive and simple to repair. However, if neglected, it might have disastrous effects on your automobile and driving experience.

The spark plug of your Mini generates the spark you need to ignite the combination of fuel and air within your engine. If this fuel combustion process fails, the engine will not be able to start or function as it should.

Most car manuals recommend changing your spark plugs every 60,000-100,000 miles, but tracking the distance between replacements may be different depending on scenarios. Let’s go through some of these as well as the signs of failed spark plugs.

Symptoms and Signs of Spark Plug Failure

Spark plugs must constantly provide sparks to keep the combustion process moving. When they fail, your will experience rough idle, poor acceleration, poor gas mileage, diminished performance, and misfires.

Symptoms and Signs of Mini Spark Plug Failure

Ignition Misfire

Engine misfires are the most common symptom of faulty spark plugs. Misfires occur whenever the fuel is not ignited properly. This will result in rough running, especially when idling, difficulty accelerating and decreased fuel economy. If your engine misfires on a regular basis, it may also set up the check engine light. When your engine misfire becomes very serious, you will physically hear and feel it. Take your car to a competent mechanic for instant diagnosis and repair.

Engine Check Light

The check light is activated by a Mini computer called the ECU, which detects misfires and illuminates the check light. When this happens, it will send out fault codes that may be read by an OBDII scanner, a diagnostic instrument. Our mechanic can use technology to decipher the codes and initiate correct repairs.

Uneven Idling

When misfires become common due to faulty spark plugs, the unburned gasoline might occasionally deceive your O2 sensor. As a result, the sensor may produce inaccurate results, resulting in a lean fuel/air combination.

Difficult Acceleration

If you have a defective O2 sensor, the lean combination of fuel and air and frequent misfires will make acceleration difficult.

Difficulties Starting

Spark plugs are needed to start your Mini’s engine. If they fail, it will be difficult for your engine to start. You may need to attempt to start multiple times before your engine gets the spark needed to ignite the fuel.

Inadequate Fuel Efficiency

To get the most miles out of your Mini, all of its components must be in great order.  As a result of the spark plugs failing to perform as expected, your engine must adjust, and this would result in greater fuel consumption.

A Word of Caution

Misfires caused by faulty spark plugs may initially create only mild symptoms; however, you should not disregard this fault. Misfire can also make unburned fuel leave your exhaust pipe. This fuel contains toxic chemicals and other unpleasant substances that can damage the exhaust system, including costly components like the catalytic converter.

Serious misfires place unnecessary pressure on the engine and its associated components. This can result in faster wear and, in some cases, irreparable engine damage. Spark plugs are one of the most inexpensive items to buy. Our professional mechanic can replace them usually in less than an hour at an affordable cost.

MINI Spark Plug Replacement

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