Efficiency and reliability are just a couple of the attributes associated with Mercedes-Benz models. These vehicles offer a guarantee of quality, starting with the level of engineering that goes into their manufacture. A very important part of the Mercedes is the high-performance engine, which remains to be a vital selling point for these vehicles.

Even as Mercedes assures its drivers of nothing short of quality, it is not uncommon for these cars to develop mechanical faults. These problems are inevitable, especially in the engine where there are many smaller components all working towards ensuring the efficiency of the engine. This is one of those reasons why having a regular schedule for your Benz is advisable by the manufacturer in order to prevent issues from developing.

One important component in the engine of a Mercedes is the crankshaft. It is tasked with converting the reciprocating movement of the piston into rotational movement in the engine’s output shaft. This makes it possible for the vehicle to move from one point to the next. Within the crankshaft, there are other components that ensure its proper functioning.

The camshaft position sensor, for instance, is responsible for regulating the rotational speed of the crankshaft. The crankshaft position sensor is an electronic device that helps provide information on how fast the crankshaft is rotating in order to control the ignition system timing as well as fuel injection.

Signs of a bad camshaft position sensor

Going by the important role that it plays in the engine, it is impossible to miss the signs of a bad camshaft position sensor. Some of the signs that will point to this kind of problem include:

Rough starting

When the camshaft sensor develops a fault, it will be impossible for the car to compute the needed information to enable the vehicle to start when the ignition is turned. This results in difficulty in starting.

Misfiring/stalling engine

This also happens due to the failure of the position sensor to give the correct information on the position of the piston within the camshaft. This makes the cylinder misfire, especially if the ignition spark plug does not receive the correct information. The car may also run for a while before turning off for the same reasons.

Hesitating accelerator

Due to the miscommunication of the position of the piston in the camshaft, there may be a delay in the delivery of information from the camshaft to the vehicle’s computer. This will make it difficult to accelerate, as the communication is slowed down.

Check engine light comes on

This is one of the obvious signs of trouble in an engine. An owner should immediately have their vehicle inspected. However, since the check engine light comes on for different reasons, it is important to ascertain the particular cause.

Causes of Camshaft Position Sensor Problems

The problems in the camshaft position sensor can be brought on by a number of issues. Top among these is electrical malfunction. The sensor is an electronic device and so a problem along the wiring or a short in the circuit will cause it to malfunction. In addition, mechanical faults in the engine may also cause the sensor to receive and transmit the wrong parameters, affecting the overall performance.

How to Deal with the Problem

The engine is the single-most complex mechanical component in a vehicle. The only sure way to ensure that components such as the camshaft sensor position are in perfect working condition is through regular servicing.

Mercedes Crankshaft Position Sensor Check

In the course of servicing, a certified technician will troubleshoot the camshaft position sensor and in case there is a problem. Taking care of the engine in your Mercedes can make all the difference in your driving experience and should therefore not be neglected at any time. As soon as you notice any symptom that indicates camshaft position sensor failure, you should immediately seek the help of a certified auto-technician.

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* Mercedes Benz Car image credit goes to: Julie Deshaies.

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