When your Porsche experiences issues, it has sensors and indicators that alert the car owner to a problem. One of these safety components is the Antilock Braking System (ABS) warning light. When it illuminates on your dashboard, pay attention to it and bring your Porsche in for an inspection. You don’t want your ABS to fail when you need it most.

What Does the ABS Light Do?

The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is very common in modern automobiles. When a car experiences extreme braking, this system maintains control and directional stability. When one or more tires begin to skid, they lose traction, which allows the vehicle to move in any direction it desires, including completely sideways.

According to research, a vehicle equipped with an ABS can reduce the risk of a vehicle accident by 18% by controlling the rotational speed of each wheel.

A wheel speed sensor, which is located near the wheel, is used to control the rotational speed of the wheel. This data is sent to the computer module, which analyzes all of the data from the four-wheel sensors. If the computer detects that one or more wheels are turning slower than the others, it will alert the valve to reduce the pressure in the brake line and then have the pump maintain this pressure to allow the wheel to resume rolling. If the system is activated, you may feel the brake pedal vibrate. It is working to provide safe braking for you.

What does it mean when the ABS light comes on?

An ABS warning light that illuminates and remains illuminated could indicate a problem with one of the anti-lock braking components. Special sensors, for example, monitor the wheel speed. The ABS warning light will remain illuminated if one or more of these wheel speed sensors is inoperable or defective. If there is a problem with the wiring, the same holds.

Some reasons why the ABS light in your Porsche stays on for some time may include:

  • Reduction in Fluid Reservoirs: The brake system of your Porsche is hydraulic. This means that it closes your brake pads and brings your automobile to a halt using the force of a cylinder steady-pushing against a fluid. The fluid level of your brake system must be steady and constant. However, if the fluid is able to evaporate quickly or if there is a slow leak the amount of fluid in the system will decrease, and your brakes will become inoperable. A computer can typically detect this via sensors, and if it does, it will turn on the ABS light.
  • Sensors for Broken Wheels: Wheel speed sensors are devices that tell your computer how rapidly each car wheel is turning on its own. If the traction control system of your car detects an irregularity in these speeds, it makes changes or switches power to various wheels to adjust. Nevertheless, if the speed sensor becomes dusty or ceases operating, it will be unable to appropriately convey this information. Rather than making several modifications, it will normally disable your traction control systems and/or ABS until the car is restarted or the problem is rectified.
  • The System has been Turned Off: It may surprise you, but you may be able to turn your anti-lock brakes or traction control on and off. When you turn off the system, it normally illuminates the indicator light on your dashboard to alert you that this critical safety feature is malfunctioning. If only your ABS light or traction control is illuminated, there’s a good probability your system has been turned off by accident. Check to see if you accidentally bumped the switch, and if you’re not certain where it is, look over your owner’s manual to turn it back on.

Porsche ABS Module Check

What to Do When Your ABS Light Stays On

If the ABS light in your Porsche stays on, your vehicle might be needing the care of an experienced technician. This also requires that you be careful to not hand your car to the wrong mechanic who doesn’t know Porsche models.

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