Though Fiats are primarily known for being stylish and fun to drive, they have their fair share of issues. One common issue that drivers report is the hesitation of the engine when trying to start the vehicle.

This can certainly be inconvenient, and it may be causing more damage to the rest of your Fiat than you realize. Because it’s so important that you know why your Fiat is behaving in this way, we’re going to look at what to expect when your engine is hesitating and how you can resolve the problem fast.

Reason #1: Bad Battery

When the engine hesitates to start, one common reason behind it is a bad battery. Occasionally, your car battery will need to be replaced. With regular use, it is only natural that the battery will weaken and wear down.

In order for the battery to deliver power to the engine, a chemical reaction has to take place between sulfuric acid and lead. This reaction is highly corrosive, and it will wear down the lead plates over time. As these plates corrode, it will weaken the battery. If the battery’s overall function gets lower than 70%, it will become difficult to start your Fiat, especially on a cold day.

Reason #2: Worn/Damaged Starter

If your Fiat hesitates to start, the issue could simply be that the starter is worn and needs to be repaired. When you turn your key, there are electrical contacts that power the starter motor and allow the engine to turn over. When these contacts are worn or damaged, it will be difficult to start the vehicle.

Reason #3: Bad Wiring

Your Fiat’s starter has two main wires that run from the starter to the battery. When these wires wear down, you will notice that the engine hesitates more over time. Eventually, the damaged wires will prevent you from starting your Fiat at all.

Reason #4: Charging System Failure

Though the starter is responsible for actually turning over the engine, your Fiat has a charging system that allows the battery to recharge and keep you on the road when you need it to. The charging system is made up of individual parts that could all become damaged. If one part isn’t working properly, the rest of the system won’t, either.

Your alternator does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to charging your car’s battery. The alternator is a vital part of any vehicle. If you suspect that it may have suffered damage, you should seek out professionally trained mechanics right away.

Reason #5: Bad Sensors

Sometimes, your vehicle will hesitate to start or fail to altogether because of bad/failing sensors. There are various sensors everywhere in your Fiat that send appropriate data to corresponding parts that allow the system to work properly. If sensors aren’t sending accurate data to the engine, it may not use the power it needs to start the first time.

In this case, you need to get your Fiat inspected for faulty sensors and have any damaged ones replaced.

Reason #6: Cold Weather

Sometimes, your engine’s hesitation upon starting may not be due to any malfunction with the car itself but rather due to the weather. Cold weather causes the oil in your car to thicken, and it takes more power to pump it through the system and get your engine going. The cold can also temporarily weaken the battery.

Fiat Starter Check

Resolving Starting Issues in a Fiat

You can fix some of these issues on your own at home, but bringing your Fiat to qualified mechanics for inspection, diagnosis, and repairs is always the best way to go. Drivers in the San Diego, CA area have to look no further than Dieter’s Porsche & BMW Service to get auto service that they can trust.

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