The Porsche is one of the most popular vehicles ever made. It is a high-end luxury car that offers sophistication, style, luxury, speed, and automobile engineering at its absolute best. However, even the best-in-class vehicle can need occasional repairs. It is essential to have regular maintenance and inspections to ensure all the parts are working correctly, including the air-oil separator in your Porsche.

What does the air-oil separator do?

The air-oil separator is in charge of reducing emissions and making the Porsche more efficient. It is an emission device in your Porsche’s engine. Its primary job is to collect leftover oil vapors and gases in the crankcase and send them back to the intake manifold. Then, the clean air is sent to the air intake. This is how it helps reduce emissions and increase efficiency.

Symptoms of an Air-Oil Separator Malfunction

As a Porsche owner, you know how your car usually runs. When something changes, you will most likely notice right away. Trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, have it inspected by your trusted Porsche mechanics. Here are the top 4 signs that the air-oil separator is failing:

  • The check engine light comes on: Any time the check engine light is illuminated, there is a problem with the car. Although this is an indicator that it is time to get the vehicle into your mechanic, this by itself does not tell you the exact problems. The check engine light can come on for several reasons. Once the car is at our shop, we will run a diagnostic check to get an exact diagnosis of why the light illuminated.
  • The engine is running poorly: A Porsche is the ultimate sports car, and because of this, owners expect their engine to perform on demand. If a driver notices that they are having poor engine performance or a rough ride, it is an indication that something is not working correctly in the car. When the air-oil separator in your Porsche is not working correctly, you may notice that the engine is not operating at the high level you have become accustomed to driving.
  • New oil leaks: Another possible sign you may notice is an oil leak. Oil leaks are easy to spot, as they will stain the garage floor or driveway, letting you know something is leaking. If you suddenly have an oil leak, you should contact our technicians right away.
  • A large amount of smoke in the exhaust: Finally, you may notice that you either have smoke coming out of your exhaust and/or that it is dark in color. It is not uncommon for vehicles to have condensation vapors when you first start your car on a cool or cold morning. However, it is not healthy for an engine to belch out dark smoke from the exhaust. This is an indication that oil is not being burned in the proper place, or other more malicious problems. For the sake of a healthy engine, bring your Porsche to us for inspection.

Why does the air-oil separator need to be replaced right away?

The air-oil separator is part of the whole, when you talk about your engine and its components. The quicker you notice a problem and get it repaired, the less costly it will be in the long run. Taking action now prevents other components from becoming involved in the problem. It is essential to understand that the air-oil separator is crucial in circulating the air and oil around your vehicle. If it is not working, other parts of your Porsche may become damaged. If the problem goes on for too long without being repaired, you may also need to replace other components, such as the spark plugs and even the catalytic converter.

Porsche Air-Oil Separator Replacement

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